Rodent Removal & Prevention

do it right termite rodent removalDo not let your mouse confuse you


do it right termite rat removalThey will be ringing your doorbell


do it right termite rodent removalBefore you know it they are moving in with a knapsack

Rodents have the ability to gnaw or chew through just about anything to find a suitable place for them to make a home and nest. Unfortunately they love our homes, and at times get in. D.I.R.T. will trap and remove the rodents from your home, locate the points of entry and seal these areas for you, preventing them from returning. Trapping and removal is at no charge to you if you are currently on an ongoing Pest Control service with D.I.R.T. Also available are secure bait stations that are placed around the perimeter of the structure, helping in the reduction of the amount of these rodents attempting to invade your home.

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