Palm Tree & Hedge Services

There is a tremendous variation and number of palms in south Florida, many of which die byPalm Tree & Hedge Services the hands of fungal infections, sometimes acquired as a result of unhealthy Palms. Other insects such as the Rugose Spiraling whitefly and others also affect palms, certain trees, and ficus hedges by feeding on the plants’ nutrients, making them susceptible to disease. The honey dew that remains after feeding by these insects attract other types of insects to feed on this dew, which in turn produce a sooty mold. This mold not only is unsightly and a nuisance but also covers the leaves, hindering the plant from creating its food by photosynthesis

We do a root drench that supplies the tree with the necessary nutrients it requires, along with systemic insecticides and fungicides for rejuvenating themselves from severe damage, or certainly as a preventative treatment to sustain any attack from such insects and disease.

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