Basic Steps for Insect Treatment & Elimination

do it right termiteWhen it comes to solving a pest problem, inspection of the general area is crucial to identifying the type of pest. Using a bright flashlight, begin looking in any cracks and crevices that can be found where the pest sightings have been reported. These are usually dark, out of the way places that may take some effort to locate, but when found, it can be the solution to your problem.

Identification of what the pest is will determinedo it right termite the approach to eliminating the pest, based on the biology and behavioral patterns of that pest. Most times the pest may be excluded from the home by locating the point of entry and sealing it. In some cases, the pest may have been physically brought in by visitors in luggage, grocery bags from warehouses and supermarkets, as a few examples. Insect monitors assist in capturing the pest which can then be used in identification. These monitors can also help reduce the population of pests preventing in the rapid reproduction that they are capable of.

do it right termiteIf exclusion of the pest is not possible, treatment may be necessary. Choice of treatment methods depends on what is the target pest. Proper application is necessary, which involves applying an insecticide in hard to reach areas, avoiding food preparation areas and utensils, and can be applied in gel bait, residual liquid spray or aerosol, micro-encapsulated, granular or dust formulations, all depending on what is best for the location being treated.

An explanation of what you have found, your treatment approach and how the problem willdo it right termite be resolved, is always beneficial our customers. Any additional tips to assist in the prevention or elimination of the target pest should also be suggested at this time. For more information, contact Do It Right Termite today!


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